Band Bio

Hailing from Stanwood, a small town in northern Washington, in 2008; WOODSHED was formed after founding member Hunter Venturo graduated from Lakewood High School with original members Matt Tissue (rhythm guitar) and Jordan Huus (bass). WOODSHED emerged on the scene with guitar and bass forward music that pulled Influence from rock heavy hitters such as Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Spending the first few years navigating the local bar circuit and building a reputation as a solid band with powerhouse vocals, WOODSHED was able to release their first, self-titled EP - WOODSHED to the enthusiastic acclaim of their growing fan base. After spending about five years together writing music and performing around northwestern Washington, original bandmates Matt, Jordan, and Greg Allen (drums) would part ways with WOODSHED in order to pursue diverging life paths.

In 2013, Hunter Venturo met Jacob Turner, who would become his musical partner and WOODSHED’s permanent drummer. Jake’s prowess as a drummer and Hunters capacity to adapt his sound and powerful vocals led to the two of them becoming a successful duo. Performing for almost a year as two piece band, the welcomed their eventual third member, Nathan Reno on bass, with enthusiasm.

WOODSHED would go on to accomplish more than most can dream – their fan base grew exponentially and they would regularly play sold out shows from Bellingham to Seattle. The respect that they had garnered throughout the greater music community as an original rock band was unrivaled and they would become a staple in the community. WOODSHED was asked to participate in many events sponsored by local rock radio station 99.9 KISW including the Men’s Room Red Festival, ROCK MS, Live Day, and most recently they shared the stage with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie at White River Amphitheater for PAIN IN THE GRASS (2019). In 2018 to celebrate WOODSHED’s 10th birthday a small local festival was put together aptly named SHEDFEST. SHEDFEST has continued as a semi-annual event ever since with a growing lineup of local musicians all excited to support the community that WOODSHED has fostered.

Hands in the Sky and Between the Dreams became WOODSHED’s crowning jewels as their first two full length albums. Each album has a distinct sound setting it apart from the rest of the pack. Both albums will take you on a journey of self-reflection with tracks that will resonate with the deepest points of your soul, bring out the warmth of laughing with your best friends, and fuel your fire for changing your world. As WOODSHED’s sound has matured their body of work has begun to have nods towards Tool, Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss as influences with strong progressive rock undertones.  

In early 2020, Nathan would leave WOODSHED to explore other opportunities. Following Nathan’s departure, Nicholas Skinnell joined WOODSHED on bass for a short time. In 2023, childhood friend and talented guitar player, Tyler Alumbaugh, joined the ranks as WOODSHED’s bass player and together the power trio continue to write music and perform around the greater Pacific Northwest.


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